Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A big thanks goes out to Allison of Allie Brown Layouts. She helped me figure out the new and easy way of adding these backgrounds through "adding a gadget" instead of messing with the HTML code (instructions are off to the right). She does a great job designing backgrounds. Check her blog out here!

This birthday layout was made from Faithsisters Birthday Bash Kit.

These next few backgrounds were made from Summertime Designs. Check out her blog here!

Boy oh Boy Kit

Father's Day Kit

Mother's Day Kit

Father's Day Kit

Beautimous Kit

Limeade Kit

Moments Kit


Colorado Smarts said...

Kindra - I got your link off of Alison's blog. You may not remember me, but I'm one of Alison's good friends (Angie) and I love your backgrounds. Do you seriously do this just so other people can use them? Is there a fee? Let me know... smart.angie@gmail.com

Allison Evans Brown said...

Aww thanks!! I'm glad I could be of help! I remember asking Shelly from Shels Scraps for her help and she was super sweet about it. I really appreciate it.

Let me know if you need anything else! I don't know how much more useful I can be, but I'll always be here if you need something.

The Coxes said...

Kindra - those backgrounds are awesome!! Nice job. :) Kendy

Hairsprays said...

I used this template for my Blog: http://mavishomework.blogspot.com/